Carolyn Bratton
Feng Shui Consultant/ Practitioner and Intuitive Counselor
Lifestream 344-3031

Carolyn has a BA from Hollins University and is a graduate of the Louise L. Hay Training Institute. She is an ordained minister and a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui.

As a Feng Shui Practitioner/ Consultant, Carolyn is available to visit your business or home to assist you in making sure the energy is flowing for good health, harmonious relationships, prosperity and auspicious blessings.

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Katy O’Gee
Wholistic Practitioner
Thursdays by appt.
Lifestream 344-3031 or 540-980-6361

While recovering from her 3rd back operation and spinal fusion Katy O’Gee decided to use wholistic modalities to heal. This led to classes and workshops that now allow her to help others for the greatest of healing results reaching the area of dis-ease in order to encourage harmony and health on all levels.

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She began with a 2 year program in 1988 on alternative medicine combining anatomy with natural modalities. Continuing education combines Upledger Institute and complimentary courses. Upledger Courses include: Advanced Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Somato Emotional release II, Trauma Release, The Brain Speaks, Spirituality in Healing, The Dolphin Experience.

Katy also has certificates in Reiki II, Spiritual Response Therapy II, La Ho Chi, Esoteric Healing IV, Visceral Manipulation, Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology, and other healing modalities. For information or to make an appointment, contact Katy at 540-980-6361 or call Lifestream at 344-3031.

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Lieven Verkruisen, CMA, ACST, RMT&E;
Somatic Movement Therapy
Lifestream Studio
ph 540-864-8630/ FAX 540-864-8640

Lieven Verkruisen, certified movement analyst, certified somatic movement therapist, registered as movement therapist with ISMETA, New York, is available for individual ascertainments and sessions by appointment. An ascertainment provides an overall evaluation of an individuall’s functional and dysfunctional movements and identifies specific issues for therapy. From this a treatment plan is made with the client’s participation.

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Sue Wallace
Body Mechanic, Psychic Healer & Magnetic Therapist
ph 757-422-0628/540-344-3031

Sue’s health tips for the Season: Everyone would do well to have the Yee Tin Medical Oil and Kyolic Garlic Formula 101 tablets on hand. The ancient Chinese herbal oil seems to help burns, aches, injuries, colds, congestion, while the Kyolic seems to be the cure for the common cold, flu, tuberculosis, sinus, allergies, high blood pressure and radiation from chemtrails, food and water. You can get these two great formulas at Lifestream. Check the Lifestream calendar for my upcoming visits. Stop by for a body scan, psychic healing or zapping.

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