Carolyn’s Corner by Carolyn Bratton

Carolyn’s Corner
Carolyn Bratton, cofounder and Director of Lifestream

As I write this column, there are three days ’til Christmas. This is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, it is in the mid-50’s, and all is well at Lifestream. It is quiet. We are closed for two weeks, and I am waiting to be inspired to write my column. We have so much to be grateful for at Lifestream. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who have made it possible for us to remain open. It’s been only a short time ago that we were threatened with the real possibility of having to close our doors. So many of you came through with financial support, and what a difference that has made. Bless you all!

I am grateful also that the local A.I.C. (Association in Consciousness) Group of the AHAM Meditation & Spiritual Retreat Center of Asheboro, NC, is now meeting here on Tuesday evenings for meditation. If you have attended an Introduction to the Power of Awareness Seminar here at Lifestream, you are invited as a guest on the first Tuesday evening’s monthly meeting. For more information, call me at Lifestream or John Shelor at 982-2838.

The Kabbalists say that time is the difference between Cause and Effect. That space is shrinking all the time. Have you noticed that when you speak the word, it is no sooner spoken than it’s done? This happens to me frequently, and the greatest demonstration was when Dr. Robin Murphy showed up at Lifestream recently. Maxeen Vashro, who teaches several classes including Qigong at Lifestream, had no sooner told me she was giving up her Thursday classes here because of her busy schedule than Dr. Murphy of Blacksburg showed up wanting to teach Tibetan Qigong on Thursday!

Once again, we are indeed blessed. Robin is teaching Tibetan Qigong, and lecturing monthly here on various Qi subjects. What a grand way to start the New Year!

I am blessed to have begun the New Year at the AHAM Meditation & Retreat Center in Asheboro, NC, doing Feng Shui for the Center and celebrating the New Year with conscious company in meditating, eating delicious vegetarian food and singing and dancing Lifestream is proud to announce that we are putting together AHAM’s delicious vegetarian receipes in a Cookbook that will be available through Lifestream and the AHAM Center! Put your order in now for your very own copy!!

Marc Taubman, our Kabblalah teacher, is planning more classes and some lectures on Kabbalah at Lifestream in the future. We had a successful 7-week class with eight folks in attendance. Marc introduced us to Kabbalah water which is now available at Lifestream. We have single litre bottles, and cases can be ordered through us. You will find an interesting article on Kabbalah water in this issue.

We are happy to have pianist Arnie Popkin returning in concert, Saturday, March 29, 8 p.m., at the Unitarian Church, for his second benefit for Lifestream. It will be fun to see Arnie amd his delightful wife, Phyllis, and learn more about the pieces he’s playing. The concert is FREE with DONATIONS being accepted. There will be a Reception following. Tell everyone you know! We want this to be a huge success for Arnie and for Lifestream!

We were all so moved by the Gateway Healing Meditation Ritual Azurae Windwalker did as a Benefit for Lifestream in December that we all agreed we needed to present it again, which we are doing on Sunday, March 2, at 4:30 p.m., followed by a finger-food (or foods that don’t need heating — we don’t have a stove or microwave) Potluck at Lifestream. You will not want to miss this deeply moving and healing ritual.

In closing, just a reminder that we have moved out of a Universal “4” year into a “5”. Here’s what this means in a practical way according to Louise Hay in her wonderful little book Colors & Numbers.

I welcome change and expand my boundaries.
Key Word: Change

Freedom and change are in the air. The crop is growing. After all your work last year, you deserve a vacation. Let this be your year to dress up. Put your best foot forward. Drop the routine. Discard old ideas. Do something unusual. Be different this year. Get out and experience life in a new way. It’s a great year to learn a new language or experience life in a new place. Make changes — in yourself, your home, your lifestyle, your business. Make sure these changes benefit others, too. See as many people as you can. Look for good surprises. Yet, don’t throw all caution to the wind. Be active, not restless. This can be a very satisfying year.

February-March 2003