Meet Mr. Fluffy

Meet Mr. Fluffy

Since Carolyn is sharing some Lifestream spring photos with you, I thought I would share some pictures from my own personal photo album. This first picture appears as if I am on a sandy beach sunbathing, or rather I should say, shielding my sensitive skin from the sun with an umbrella. However, if you look closer, you will see that this is me cuddled up in Carolyn’s umbrella on the front porch here at Lifestream. Gottcha!

This second picture captures my angelic nature as I am so relaxed and comfortable snuggled up under what used to be the jewelry cabinet in the bookstore. I feel especially safe with this nice yin/yang mosaic stepping stone by artist Kim Swanson. I’d say from the looks of this picture, I am in the yin state!

This third photo of me really says it all. Isn’t it nice to just relax, and then just relax some more? I know we cats are supposed to be the masters of relaxation. It’s true. We can’t deny it. And I would add to that truth that being at Lifestream is a relaxing thing. These are some of the happiest and most peaceful folks I ever come in contact with. The students are so happy. They love the classes they’re taking. The volunteers and teachers are so friendly and helpful. I’m one lucky cat!

Carolyn has ordered two books I am anxious to check out as soon as they get here: “Where Cats Meditate” and “Where Dogs Dream”. Another book she says is going to be a treat is “Wild Health” about the habits of animals in the wild. She heard this author on Joe and Terry Graedon’s radio show “The People’s Pharmacy” over WVTF one Saturday, and this woman had the most incredible stories to tell about animals in the wild.

I’ll close with Mr. Fluffy’s Tip of the Month: pets who are well and happy bring excellent chi (energy) to your home. Get one today! Call the local shelter, or Feline Rescue or League for Animal Protection. They’ll be glad to help you adopt a wonderful stray pet.

April – May 2003