Astrological 2003: Prosperity, Peace, Power, Politics — and Perspective by Barbara C. Taylor

Astrological 2003: Prosperity, Peace, Power, Politics — and Perspective
by Barbara C. Taylor
Certified Astrology Professional
International Society for Astrological Research
© January 2003

It is the best of times and it is the worst of times — all at the same time. Whether your cup is half full or half empty depends, of course, on your perspective.

When we consider the potentials and pitfalls of our barely-begun year from an astrological perspective, we might benefit first from a brief look back into the history of the formation of our country. Anything that has a beginning also has a horoscope — a map of the sky that symbolizes the potentials of the entity being brought into existence. Unlike people, who are born more-or-less in a single, easily timed, relatively brief event, nations are born in stages over a considerably longer period of time. There is much ongoing astrological debate as to which is the “right” chart for the United States, and in truth, there probably is no one absolute chart that completely describes our nation, but rather a succession of charts. While each chart, like a chapter in a book, tells part of the story, all of the charts combined complete the book and tell the rest of the story. But, like most good books, much is left to imaginative interpretation and there are many twists and turns in the details as they unfold from the symbolic overriding principles of the founding horoscope charts.

The first charts to consider track the events of the week of July 2 — 9, 1776. The “Resolution for Independence” was voted on July 2 (time not recorded), the “Declaration of Independence” was signed on July 4 (time not recorded), the Declaration was read to the public in Philadelphia at noon on July 8, and then read to the troops in New York at 6:00 pm on July 9.

The events of that fateful week in July 1776 are extremely important to us as we are now living out the details of these similar, yet distinctly different founding charts. The July 2 “Resolution” and the July 9 reading of the Declaration to the continental army charts strongly state the desire of the businessmen and property owner forefathers to control their own money and material goods, rather than be taxed and controlled by England. The major themes of this chart also show the seeds of the primary drive to gain world power in addition to fiscal freedom. The July 4 “Declaration” chart still communicates the general themes of the earlier “Resolution,” but, with the Moon now in Aquarius, carries a much more pronounced emphasis on the freedom and equality (for all) principles. The chart of the first reading of the Declaration to the public clearly shows the potential for power struggles, between the common people and the leaders of our nation, as well as power struggles between our nation and other countries.

These charts symbolize many things — the drive for financial freedom and control of material resources by our wealthy forefathers, rebellion against an aristocracy, the assumption of universal and personal equality and freedom, and personal and collective safety and security. Our nation was born during a period of intense courage and equally intense conflict.

The freedoms to which our founders aspired have not come easily or without consequence. Somewhere along the way our desire for individual freedom and power has morphed into a pervasive belief that we should be the dominant world power, controlling the world’s assets, all the while ignoring the deepening divide between the poor and the wealthy in our own nation. Democracy has degenerated into an Oligarchy, not unlike the aristocracy against which our forefathers rebelled.

Our country now suffers internal battles of economic survival, especially skyrocketing healthcare costs driving doctors out of medicine and preventing millions from receiving medical care and pharmaceutical therapy.

We now have many global enemies and a shrinking number of supporters. We seem not to notice that our great nation is becoming a great target for global rebellion. Terrorists have made our country and our people targets of their anger. Our war against terrorism is rapidly morphing into war against Saddam Hussein. Indeed, war on several fronts looms large on the horizon — not just this year — but for many years to come.

There are several fascinating astrological correlations by which we may better understand the current powerful principles being played out in our country. The US Sun is at 13 degrees Cancer, the exact degree of President Bush’s Sun. When President Bush was born, his father’s Sun, by secondary progression (a method of bringing the chart into current time) also was at 13 Cancer, an extraordinary linking of our nation’s charts with the Bush presidencies. Although presidents are limited to two terms, it certainly seems as if the moccasins once worn by former President George H. W. Bush are now being walked in by George W. Bush — along the same rocky path — accompanied by many of the same advisors and staff. While President Bush’s election was fraught with controversy, it certainly seems, from an astrological vantage, that he is the right man in the right position to fulfill our nation’s destiny.

Asteroids, the tiny planetary fragments that are named by the astronomers who discover them, add extraordinary detail to the astrological analysis of charts. The asteroids Washingtonia, (named for Washington) United Nations, and Columbia (for D.C.) are all within three degrees of President Bush’s 13 degree Sun, and “Pax” (Latin for peace) is within 3 degrees of his 7 degree Leo Ascendant, Mercury, and Pluto. The Moons in both the Bush father’s and son’s charts are 17 and 16 degrees Libra, within two degrees of the first World Trade Center terrorist attack Ascendant on September 11, 2001. The asteroid “Pax” and the asteroid “George,” signifying both the current and former presidents, as well as our first president, George Washington, was at 13 degrees Libra, both within a degree of the 15 degree Libra WTC Ascendant (which changes by 1 degree every four minutes) and in a direct conflict aspect to the 13 Cancer sun positions. In president Bush’s birth chart, Mars, one of the planets of war, by secondary progression is now at 14 degrees Libra, moving very close to his 15 degree Libra Moon.

The current charts for February and March add to the tension, bringing conflict to the 13 degree Cancer and 14-16 degree Libra placements noted above. Pluto and Saturn will again be in opposition, as they were in 9/11/01, Pluto now at 20 degrees Sagittarius and Saturn at 22 degrees Gemini, in the same degree as Mars (and possibly the Midheaven), and in conflict with Neptune at 24 degrees Virgo (and possibly the Ascendant) in the US Declaration chart. In mid-late February Mars will join Pluto, as will the asteroids “United Nations” and “Bellerophon” (potential for overreach/crash). Saturn-Mars-Pluto conflicts symbolize power and control issues and often accompany downturns in the financial markets as well as acts of violence.

Not to be left out, Jupiter opposes Neptune in mid-February and again in June, adding to the potential for more conflict in areas of faith and organized religion.

Uranus, having spent the past seven years in Aquarius, moves into Pisces for the first time in about eighty-four years. Along with Neptune in Aquarius this might inspire the return of the grand musicals — only now accentuated with the marvels of modern technology. Escapism will be of the very highest order — and much in demand!

With all this looking skyward it’s easy to sometimes feel as if we’re powerless pawns of the planets. But planets don’t have power — people do. As Shakespeare said, “The fault, Dear Brutus, lies not in our stars but in ourselves.”

While the fates of nations lie in the hands of their leaders, we all have the freedom to seek a new, better perspective — perhaps one more in keeping with the ideals our founding fathers had in mind. Many days will be bright, beautiful, and cloudless; rain will fall on others. Perhaps we shouldn’t ask whether we’re going to war, or whether we’re going to be attacked, but whether we’re prepared to fully and responsibly live each day as it comes — and exercise the many freedoms that we do enjoy.

February-March 2003