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You get a 20% discount on all books and tapes in the Lifestream Bookstore; we have gift certificates available for merchandise and services for those special gifts. The bookstore is open M-F, 11a – 4p and whenever the center is open for classes. We can special order for you and you’ll still recieve the 20% discount!


Walking in this World: The Practical Art of Creativity
by Julia Cameron

Though she’s published several other books since The Artist’s Way rocketed her to prominence a decade ago, Cameron considers this the sequel to the phenomenal bestseller. A 12-week continuance of that incremental and powerful course in creativity, this book is organized around “discovering a sense of” such things as adventure, boundaries, camaraderie, dignity, perspective, proportion, and personal territory. Whether one’s aims are to create art professionally or for personal expression, there is an abundance of nourishment for the spirit of creation in its multitude of forms. Cameron’s special gift is helping to relate our lives as artists to the rest of our world.

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Comfortable with Uncertainty: 108 Teachings
by Pema Chodron

Chodron manages to stroke her students with compassionate encouragement while kicking them (or rather their complaceny or self-pity ot whatever) soundly in the rear. This volume makes an accessible teacher even more so, with some of the best passages from four previous books making up the 108 short (1-to 2-page) chapters of succinct wisdom grounded in traditional Buddhist precepts. One of the key daily life practices she preaches is tonglen, basically “breathing in” our uncomfortable emotions and breathing out in compassoionate identification with those who feel similarly, extending lovingkindness to all, including ourselves. Working with fear, suffering, and loneliness, and cultivating equanimity, forgiveness and mindfulness – all this and much more form a short course in becoming a “warrior-bodhisattva” that can be understood even by those new to Buddhist thought.

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